Sketch Maker for Artists is an app, which converts photos to sketches.

It is important to have a good sketch before we start to color because color erasure always results in paper damage. Even graphite, particularly HB and darker, cannot be erased completely. So, our sketch must be proportional and accurate, and our paper or canvas unharmed before we start to add the colors.

Create the sketch in this app, print it on a high-quality paper and start to color over the perfect outlines.


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Depending on the photographs that you use in Sketch Maker for Artists, it may happen that the app won't make the main lines that you want. In that case you should use the Grid Method to create the perfect sketch. To save your time drawing grid lines, download GriDraw, the desktop software, image editor for artists, and create a perfect grid on your reference photos within a couple of seconds:

Or get the mobile app on app stores:

If you are struggling to find the right pencils for your artworks, download our Color Picker for Artists app, pick a color from the reference photo, and the app will suggests which colored and graphite pencil to use.

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Or get the desktop version - PenPick software. PenPick ® is a desktop software color picker for artists, which runs on Windows and macOS. This software suggests which colored or graphite pencil you should use for the picked color. PenPick has two workable panels: one for colored pencils and one for graphite pencils. The colored pencil panel suggests four most popular and highest-quality colored pencils to match the selected color:

  • 150 colored pencils by Prismacolor Premier
  • 120 colored pencils by Faber-Castell Polychromos
  • 76 colored pencils by Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901
  • 72 colored pencils by Derwent Coloursoft and 72 colored pencils by Derwent Procolour, mixed.

The graphite panel automatically converts color images to black and white and suggests among 20 nuances of graphite by any brand.

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